[CHESS] Cardano Stake Pool

Welcome on Board

We can be found on Twitter @PoolChess.

CHESS pool is actively providing educational material for Plutus, the language of the Cardano blockchain.

We keep the transcripts for the Plutus Pioneer Program up-to-date with each iteration of the program and are working on a series of Haskell tutorials centered around the creation of a chess program, the source code of which can be found on GitHub.

CHESS pool is a member of the F2LB Alliance. This is a group for small stake pools to delegate part of their stake to a fellow small pool on a rotational basis, to give each small pool a chance of being a slightly bigger pool for an Epoch or two.

We are also proud members of the Single Stake Pool Alliance for operators of single stake pools supporting maximum decentralisation of Cardano.

This site is built using the Integrated Haskell Platform (IHP).